• Fisker Ocean Popemobile

    In an audience with the Pope, Henrik Fisker showed renderings of an electric Popemobile his company plans to build.

  • Special Lamborghini Huracán donated to Pope Francis for charity
    Lamborghini gives the Pope a Huracán for charity

    Pope Francis received a new set of wheels on Wednesday, but the car is quite different from any other Popemobile. That's because it's a Lamborghini Huracán, an Italian supercar with 571 horsepower. His Holiness won't hold attend any track days, though. Instead, Lamborghini's gift will be...

  • Opel Ampera-e is the new Popemobile

    The Popemobile has taken the shape of many automobiles over the years, but the latest is likely the most environmentally friendly yet. Opel has bestowed the current pontiff, Pope Francis, with a 2017 Ampera-e as the Vatican City aims to become the first country in the world to produce zero carbon...

  • Hyundai Popemobile
    New Popemobile Is A Relatively Humble Hyundai Santa Fe

    Pope Francis is known for eschewing some of his position's more luxurious perks. He doesn't live in the Vatican's palatial papal apartments, but rather a more humble guest house, and his restrained robes are a decided departure from the lavish costumes preferred by his predecessor, Benedict XVI...

  • Pope Francis handed the keys to the Popemobile by Daimler CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche
    Pope Francis Presented With Mercedes M Class-Based Popemobile

    Daimler CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche headed to Rome, Italy recently to personally greet Pope Francis and hand over the keys to the Pontiff’s new Popemobile, a modified Mercedes-Benz M Class. The vehicle was built specially for the Pope and will first go into action later this month when he makes an...

  • Pope Benedict XVI takes delivery of his new M Class Popemobile at the Vatican, December 2012
    Popemobile Mercedes-Benz M Class Delivered To Benedict XVI

    From Ford-based presidential limos adapted for His Bubble-car-ness to SEAT Pandas to Chilean one-offs, the Popemobile has a history as colorful as the garments of the man who rides in its protective shelter. The newest Popemobile, based on the Mercedes-Benz M Class, was delivered today to Pope...

  • Pope Benedict XVI (via PacificCoastNews)

    Not so long ago, popes greeted the masses (no pun intended) in the open air, waving to the devout from the backs of convertibles. Then, in 1981 -- nearly 20 years after JFK's assassination proved how dangerous open air can be -- someone tried to take out Pope John Paul II, and the head of the Catholic church has been preserved under glass ever since. Well, mostly. In his own backyard, the pope often lets his guard down, opting for models that are open at the sides or occasionally, fully exposed to the elements. But outside Vatican City and Rome, the guy is much more cautious. Check the...

  • Hyundai i10 Pope-mobile
    Hyundai's Mini Popemobile: April Fool's Day Comes Early

    Asian carmakers, especially those in Korea and China, have been moving into the stealth-armored car market for several years now. That's just about the only context in which the Hyundai i10 conversion released today makes sense, and it does - in a weird sort of way. Of course it's an April Fool's...

  • Mercedes-Benz delivers a new Popemobile
    Mercedes-Benz Delivers A New Popemobile

    A new Pope needs a new Popemobile and what better to cart around his Holiness than an open top Mercedes G Wagon. Pope Benedict XVI will present himself to 40,000 or so pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square in an open-top Mercedes G-Class during his public audiences on Wednesdays. The new Popemobile...

  • A Phaeton for the Pope
    A Phaeton For The Pope

    His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI is about to take delivery of a Volkswagen Phaeton for his next Pope Mobile. The model in particular will be a black long-wheelbase version complete with a 450-horsepower 6.0-liter W-12 engine, and it will be modified for comfort, privacy and security. This is just...

  • Audi and BMW fight over the Pope
    Audi And BMW Fight Over The Pope

    The two rivals both claimed the right to be the official limousine for the Pope during his recent visit to Bavaria. With both companies locking horns, it required the Munich Archibishop’s office to broker a compromise. When in Munich, the Pope would be driven in a 7-Series but during his...

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