Asian carmakers, especially those in Korea and China, have been moving into the stealth-armored car market for several years now. That's just about the only context in which the Hyundai i10 conversion released today makes sense, and it does - in a weird sort of way.

Of course it's an April Fool's Day prank, but nevertheless, it's a good one, with first-rate pitch lines, including: "many global leaders are becoming concerned about the emissions from large limousines and adapted 4x4 vehicles which traditionally form the basis of all presidential, papal and prime ministerial transport."

You can just see President Obama going to meet the Pope in one of these, can't you? But perhaps best of all is the use of green technology for the armor application itself.

"In order to meet recycling and sustainability targets, part of the armour is made from a fully organic material. The ‘string’ part of runner beans is actually lighter and stronger than Kevlar when woven into matting and encased in resin made from tree sap. The panels of Weave Bean™ add just 25g to the weight of the i10."

That's 24-karat solid marketing gold right there.