It seems like every year the list of special-edition hatchbacks, sedans, wagons and SUVs grows for Europe while every year Americans see fewer and fewer on the road. Maybe it's a 'grass is always greener' syndrome, but there a definite sense of cross-pond jealousy when it comes to up-rated versions of everyday cars.

Well, then, Euro-Focus lovers, get your jealous hats on, because Ford has released yet another Europe-only edition. This time it's not a hot hatch but a soft-road wagon, however, ostensibly designed to do battle with the likes of Volvo and Audi, called the Focus X-Road.

Plastic arches and underguards, an aluminum skid pan and a roof rack system give the car the look of an SUV gone wrong, but the car remains FWD and at stock ride height, meaning the same fuel efficiency and in-town manners are waiting behind the wheel.

Of course, refusal to make concessions to off-road use means its primarily a restyling of the Focus wagon, and not a legitimate soft-road - or even foul-weather - vehicle, unlike the Audi Allroads or Volvo's XC wagons and crossovers.

Still, at just 300 special-edition units for the Dutch market and a relative bargain price of €25,175 ($33,427) base or €25,675 ($34,091) with the navigation, voice command and Bluetooth business package, the Focus X-Road is likely to sell out quickly.

And Europhiles: at least you're not missing out on another 300hp wonder-wagon.