• Lamborghini Miura SVR restored by Polo Storico

    Lamborghini didn't build enough Miuras. Just 763 were produced between 1966 and 1972. Among these rare Italian beauties were a handful of even rarer examples. They have letters and words like SV, Jota, and SV/J attached to the ends of their names. There is one, however, that stands out among all others, and it goes by the name SVR. Lamborghini's in-house restoration shop Polo Storico just spent 19 months transforming the one and only example ever built from a pile of parts into the stunning machine you see here. Chassis 3781 has led an interesting life. Factory test driver Bob Wallace was...

  • 2010 Paris Auto Show Lamborghini Concept sixth teaser
    Lamborghini Drops Sixth Teaser For New Paris Concept

    The 2010 Paris Auto Show gets underway this week, and that means so is Lamborghini's upcoming Paris concept. Today we have a new teaser image of the concept in addition to Lamborghini's original sports car "manifesto." The game is about to change for Lamborghini, and this is how it will happen...

  • 2010 Paris Auto Show Lamborghini Concept teaser
    2012 Lamborghini Jota Teased Prior to Paris Show

    The 2010 Paris auto show is nearly here, and the wind-up from automakers is in full effect today with the first of six teasers from Lamborghini as it implores us all to "discover the way to the future of supersports cars." A new Lambo supercar replacing the Murcielago is in the pipeline, and this...

  • 2012 Lamborghini Jota Murcielago replacement spy shots
    Lamborghini Chasing Performance Through Light Weight

    Taking a leaf out of Lotus’ book on sports car design, Lamborghini is looking to increase the performance of its future models through reduced weight rather than increased horsepower. Key strategies include the use of lighter materials and new engine and chassis designs. Like most automakers...

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