• Porsche Esports Supercup virtual one-make championship

    Porsche is jumping into the world of Esports with a one-make race series that will see the winner take home $100,000.

  • Mazda Motorsports teams with iRacing for new virtual-to-real racer program
    Mazda Motorsports Teams With iRacing For Real-World Racing Opportunity

    The GT Academy, a partnership between Nissan and Gran Turismo, has yielded some impressive virtual-to-reality racers over its tenure. Now it looks like Mazda is getting in on the action through a new partnership with iRacing. Like the GT Academy, Mazda Motorsports' new iRacing partnership will...

  • 2014 Chevrolet SS and Ford Fusion NASCAR race cars on iRacing simulator
    Chevy SS And Ford Fusion NASCAR Racers Added To iRacing Lineup: Video

    One of the most successful online racing simulators for PC users, iRacing, has just got that much better, with the company behind the service announcing that the latest Chevrolet SS and Ford Fusion race cars from the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series are now available. For those serious about racing...

  • NASCAR on iRacing
    How Travis Pastrana Uses iRacing For Real Racing: Video

    Pro drivers, despite living the dream, don't always get that much track time on a given race weekend. So what do they do to get an edge--or even just to get familiar with a trak they haven't raced on before? They use simulators--and some of them use familiar, retail sims that us regular folks can...

  • iRacing 2.0 adds content, features
    Gamers Rejoice: iRacing 2.0 Makes The Best Sim Even Better

    Racing fan? PC owner? Real-world racing too expensive? Sounds like you need iRacing 2.0, the next generation of one of the PC's top racing simulations. PC games are updated all the time but the 2.0 branding marks a new build for the game, improving the realism of tire modelling and offering a...

  • iRacing 2.0 adds content, features
    Fire Up Your Sim Rigs, iRacing 2.0 Is Out: Video

    Whether you use it to sharpen your skills between events, to keep your edge over the off-seasons, or just to get in some realistic motorsports action without the expense and time commitment of running a real car, iRacing is a great tool, and a great game. It just got better with version 2.0. The...

  • Williams-Toyota FW31 in iRacing

    For those serious about racing, iRacing, with its digitally-mapped tracks and hyper-realistic vehicle setups and physics, has become a go-to for practicing and previewing tracks before running them in real life, both for amateurs and professionals. Now iRacing fans can climb into the virtual cockpit of the Williams-Toyota FW31 Formula 1 car to test their mettle in one of the world's most highly-tuned racing machines. While the Williams F1 cars costs millions of dollars each, and require a team of engineers, mechanics, and highly experienced drivers to run each race weekend, iRacing lets you...

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