Whether you use it to sharpen your skills between events, to keep your edge over the off-seasons, or just to get in some realistic motorsports action without the expense and time commitment of running a real car, iRacing is a great tool, and a great game. It just got better with version 2.0.

The new version adds a lot of new functionality and content, including driver aids like brake assist, throttle assist, and an on-track driving line.

We'd stay away from the first two as they'll just reinforce bad habits, but the driving line could help speed up learning a new track--a very useful aid if you're studying for a real-life run in the near future.

Added content includes an all-new tire model for six cars, including NASCAR Cup and Nationwide cars, the Skip Barber Formula 2000, and an all-new car, the Ford GT. Tournament racing is also enabled, as is a new integrated chat system. Two new tracks, Suzuka Circuit and Iowa Speedway, are also included.

Hit the link below for the full details, and be sure to watch the video below.

[iRacing 2.0]