For those serious about racing, iRacing, with its digitally-mapped tracks and hyper-realistic vehicle setups and physics, has become a go-to for practicing and previewing tracks before running them in real life, both for amateurs and professionals.

Now iRacing fans can climb into the virtual cockpit of the Williams-Toyota FW31 Formula 1 car to test their mettle in one of the world's most highly-tuned racing machines.

While the Williams F1 cars costs millions of dollars each, and require a team of engineers, mechanics, and highly experienced drivers to run each race weekend, iRacing lets you experience the rush of 4g cornering and 18,000-rpm action from the comfort of your own home with nothing more than a computer, broadband Internet connection, and a wheel-and-pedal set.

For many of us, this is as close to driving a Grand Prix car as we'll ever get. Fortunately it's presented in iRacing's highly realistic simulator. Best of all--you get to go wheel-to-virtual-wheel with other drivers to see how you shake out in the lightning-fast open-wheeler.

The car, even in virtual form, isn't cheap however. It will cost you $35.00, and comes bundled with the Silverstone and Zandvoort F1 circuits.