• 2010 ford mustang chip foose custom giveaway 010

    Few names get the kind of respect in their field that Chip Foose's gets in the realm of car design and custom hot rods. That's why fans are excited to see he'll be giving away a custom 2010 Mustang GT to the winner of a free contest. The car's build sheet reads like a sponsor dream list, with Magnaflow exhaust, Edelbrock supercharger, Bilstein shocks, Eibach springs, Royal Purple lubricants and Roush body work. It was actually built by Foost as part of Spike TV's MuscleCar series. The contest is being run through Spike's PowerblockTV site, where those interested in getting their hands on a...

  • Vin Diesel Eibach Dodge Challener Fast & Furious premiere
    Vin Diesel shows up at Fast & Furious premiere in Eibach Dodge Challenger

    When rolling up to the premiere of the latest instalment of one of the biggest car movie franchises in recent history, what better car is there than the Dodge Challenger? Okay, maybe there are plenty of better options but considering the nature of the new Fast & Furious movie and Vin...

  • eibach dodge challenger 002
    Eibach Dodge Challenger debuts at Essen Motor Show

    The 2008 SEMA show featured no shortage of customized Dodge Challengers, and for good reason - the has been a rather solid success in the U.S., at least in SRT8 form, especially considering Chrysler's other woes. It appears that Europeans are at least open to the car as well, if this...

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