• eBay Motors app infographic

    We expected the eBay Motors app to arrive in March, but it missed that deadline by a couple of months. Now that it's finally arrived, can the app redeem itself by preserving eBay's standing as a worthwhile shopping destination? There's no denying that eBay has lost luster over the past few years. When the site launched in 1995, it was heralded as a paradise of laissez-faire economics -- a wonderland where value and demand were linked, and grandmothers could become overnight millionaires by unloading Lladro figurines. As eBay grew, however, it became increasingly difficult for users to find...

  • Pulled over by the police
    Senators Push Apple, Google To Nix DUI Apps -- But Does It Matter?

    In March, we told you that four U.S. Senators had pushed Apple, Google, and Research In Motion (creators of the Blackberry) to remove apps that revealed the location of DUI checkpoints. At the time, RIM was the only provider that agreed to do so, but now Apple and Google have indicated that they...

  • Audi logo
    Audi Launches Roadside Assistance App For Smartphone Users

    Just a few weeks ago Infiniti launched a new roadside assistance app for users of the Apple iPhone, and before that we saw MINI launch its own version, while Mercedes-Benz has had its mbrace assistance feature for what seems like forever. Now Audi is joining the fray with its own free roadside...

  • Audi Roadside App
    Audi Goes Mobile With New Roadside Assistance App

    Audi's newest product offering comes to owners of the Apple iPhone, as well as BlackBerry and Android devices, in the form of the Audi Roadside Assistance app. The free app delivers some emergency and concierge services to users' phones--everything from locating dealers to connecting with the...

  • 2010 Jaguar XJ75 Platinum Concept
    Jaguar Land Rover, BlackBerry Join In Smartphone Integration

    Integrating smartphones with in-car vehicle technology is nothing new. Bluetooth connection for making calls, and playing music and plugging in via USB has been around for years. Full integration of smartphones into a car's systems hasn't really been seen yet beyond the concept stage. One of the...

  • BMW i App
    Planning A Road Trip? Make It 'Appen With These Mobile Apps

    In the good old days all you needed for a road trip was a car, some buddies, and a sense of adventure. Even a map was optional. These days you can have it so much easier with the latest downloadable apps at your fingertips telling you everything from where to sleep to providing your tunes. Here is...

  • Classic Car Guide app for iPhone

    We've seen a handful of apps for classic car aficionados, and we've seen apps for insurance quotes and claims, but until now, we haven't seen those two services combined in one handy format. Enter the Classic Car Guide for iPhone and iPad. The Classic Car Guide lets fans of vintage rides search for their dream car in a variety of ways, including location, make/model, and VIN. The app has access to the 100,000+ current and past sales listed in Keith Martin’s Sports Car Market database, and offers a wide variety of photos for many listings. During our testing, the Classic Car Guide...

  • Parking In Motion app
    Parking In Motion Tries Its Hand At Building A Useful Parking App

    If we were app developers, the next-to-last frontier we'd want to conquer -- right after organ donation -- would be parking. By their very nature, cars are constantly in motion, taking and leaving spaces in parking lots, garages, and on city streets. Maintaining an accurate database of available...

  • Screencaps from the Sheen's Ravines app
    Charlie Sheen Shifts To An Even Smaller Screen -- As An App Developer

    Like the streets of his beloved Hollywood Hills, Charlie Sheen's life is full of twists and turns. The actor has a reputation for being a party boy, and his tumultuous life has been well-documented in tabloids and tweets. But Sheen's recent meltdown gave him the opportunity to reinvent himself --...

  • Beer
    In-App-ropriate? DUI Checkpoint Apps Get The Red Light

    With more than 10,000 Americans dying every year in DUI-related car accidents, you might think it poor taste that you can download DUI checkpoint warning applications for Apple and Blackberry cell phones. You'd not be alone, either. Four U.S. senators are asking Apple, Google and Research In...

  • Dodge Brand and Mopar Introduce Vehicle Information Smartphone Applications.
    Dodge Debuts Owner Apps On Android, Blackberry, And iPhone

    Smartphones have moved one step closer to controlling our lives: Dodge recently announced that it has launched owner's manual apps on the Android, Blackberry, and iPhone platforms. The apps offer a range of features that supplement and enhance the existing hard-copy manuals and DVDs that come with...

  • Mercedes-Benz Apple iPad integration
    Mercedes-Benz Syncs Up with Apple, RIM for Pandora, Video

    Mercedes-Benz is adding to its tech bona fides with a new Media Interface Plus. Earlier this month, the automaker unveiled an iPad kit for European customers, at the Paris auto show. The kit mounts owners' Apple tablet devices behind the front headrests, and puts the iPad in easy reach of back-seat...

  • 2011 BMW 5-Series (Euro spec)

    Up until now, Ford's Sync system was about the only game in town that would interface with your phone and actually read messages from them.

  • 2011 Ford Fiesta
    2011 Ford Fiesta Rocks Out With Voice Control For Pandora

    How would you like to choose between personalized Pandora stations, or select from the programming in your Stitcher custom channels, while keeping both hands on the wheel?

  • Mini Roadside Assistance app
    Mini Launches Roadside Assistance App For iPhone, Blackberry

    The app is the first of its kind from a car manufacturer.

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