Audi's newest product offering comes to owners of the Apple iPhone, as well as BlackBerry and Android devices, in the form of the Audi Roadside Assistance app.

The free app delivers some emergency and concierge services to users' phones--everything from locating dealers to connecting with the nearest service center for repairs.

Using the phone's GPS services and VIN information registered on first sign-in, the app can pinpoint who's trying to reach Audi's third-party service provider, and where they'll be needing a helping hand.

Once the app's downloaded from iTunes, or the BlackBerry marketplace or the Android app network, drivers can ping it for jump starts, blown tires, towing, or even a gallon of gas if they've run out. The app alerts drivers when their request has been logged, and when assistance has been dispatched.

Audi says the service stops are included for new vehicles for the first four years of ownership. It'll also provide app-connected service for other Audi models, at the driver's expense if it's outside of warranty coverage.

Not all phones are covered, so Audi suggests you check out the Web for more information on loading the app on your iPhone, your BlackBerry Curve or Bold, or your Android device.

Audi Roadside App

Audi Roadside App