Screencaps from the Sheen's Ravines app

Screencaps from the Sheen's Ravines app

Like the streets of his beloved Hollywood Hills, Charlie Sheen's life is full of twists and turns. The actor has a reputation for being a party boy, and his tumultuous life has been well-documented in tabloids and tweets. But Sheen's recent meltdown gave him the opportunity to reinvent himself -- and this time, he coming back as an app developer.

Granted, Sheen isn't making a serious go of it. In fact, if anything, he's poking fun at himself and his rough-and-tumble ways.

You might recall that a year or so ago, Sheen was the victim of not one, but two stolen car incidents. On each occasion, Sheen alleged that someone broke into his garage, took his prized Mercedes sedans for joyrides, then dumped them into a ravine on Mulholland Drive. Some accused Sheen of faking the thefts and trashing the cars himself, but Sheen has maintained his innocence.

Riffing on that story, though, Sheen's first tongue-in-cheek app is called "Sheen's Ravines". Available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows devices, the app's description begins: "Getting a divorce? Being sued for assault? Need to dump assets quickly and efficiently? Harnessing the power of Google Maps, 'Sheen's Ravines' locates the nearest precipitous drop-off -- a ravine, a cliff, a parking garage, whatever -- where you can conveniently 'lose' your vehicle. And using traffic data from INRIX, 'Sheen's Ravines' identifies the time of day that you're likely to have the least number of witnesses."

As you can see from the image above, "Sheen's Ravines" is built on Jeep's popular TripCast application. (Jeep has not confirmed collaboration with Sheen on this app, and Jeep representatives didn't respond to our request for comment in time for publication.)

Perhaps the best feature of "Sheen's Ravines" is its integration of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, allowing you to keep track of your family, friends, and co-workers. As per the description: "Letting strangers see you misplace your ride is one thing. Having friends pop up unexpectedly is quite another. After all, no one wants to lose a good friend and a luxury car, all in one moonless night."

P.S. April Fools. (But he totally should, right?)