• Ford "Feel the View" system to help the blind take in scenery

    Ford has created a truly wonderful piece of technology. It's called Feel the View and the device allows the blind or visually impaired enjoy the scenery and world around them while traveling in a car. Created in Italy with communications agency GTB Roma and local startup Aedo, which specializes in devised for the visually impaired, the device is currently a prototype. It is wild technology by any standard. Feel the View takes pictures that are then turned into high-contrast grayscale images. The car's side window glass then reproduces the images so impaired riders can feel the scenery via...

  • 2014 Fiat 500L live photos, 2012 L.A. Auto Show
    Coming Soon To A Car Near You: Plastic Windows

    If you wear glasses to correct your vision, chances are good you already know the benefits of polycarbonate lenses over glass ones. Not only are polycarbonate lenses significantly lighter, they’re also much more impact-resistant than glass. Polycarbonate windows have been used in racing cars...

  • 2012 Chevrolet Sonic. Photo by Joe Nuxoll
    2012 Chevrolet Sonic: Spotify Invites For Info Requests

    As a replacement for the dull and unfashionable Chevrolet Aveo, GM is hoping the funky 2011 Chevrolet Sonic will appeal to a more savvy car buyer, and tempt people away from their Ford Fiestas and Honda Fits. One way of doing this is giving free invitations to the Spotify digital music service to...

  • eBay Motors app infographic
    The eBay Motors App Arrives At Last, But Can It Save The Day?

    We expected the eBay Motors app to arrive in March, but it missed that deadline by a couple of months. Now that it's finally arrived, can the app redeem itself by preserving eBay's standing as a worthwhile shopping destination? There's no denying that eBay has lost luster over the past few years...

  • BMW i App
    Planning A Road Trip? Make It 'Appen With These Mobile Apps

    In the good old days all you needed for a road trip was a car, some buddies, and a sense of adventure. Even a map was optional. These days you can have it so much easier with the latest downloadable apps at your fingertips telling you everything from where to sleep to providing your tunes. Here is...

  • Li Chao, Executive Deputy General Manager of Shanghai OnStar Telematics
    OnStar Is China's First Automotive App

    General Motors has made huge inroads in China, and now, those inroads have grown a bit wider: yesterday at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, GM launched its smartphone app for China's OnStar subscribers. The OnStar app for Chinese drivers is nearly identical to the one that subscribers in North America...

  • Screencaps from the Sheen's Ravines app

    Like the streets of his beloved Hollywood Hills, Charlie Sheen's life is full of twists and turns. The actor has a reputation for being a party boy, and his tumultuous life has been well-documented in tabloids and tweets. But Sheen's recent meltdown gave him the opportunity to reinvent himself -- and this time, he coming back as an app developer. Granted, Sheen isn't making a serious go of it. In fact, if anything, he's poking fun at himself and his rough-and-tumble ways. You might recall that a year or so ago, Sheen was the victim of not one, but two stolen car incidents. On each occasion...

  • 2009 infiniti essence concept 018
    Infiniti, Porsche & Ferrari Offer Desktop Theme Gallery For Microsoft Windows 7

    This is the first time that Microsoft has made its desktop theme gallery available to partner companies.

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