Ford has created a truly wonderful piece of technology. It's called Feel the View and the device allows the blind or visually impaired enjoy the scenery and world around them while traveling in a car.

Created in Italy with communications agency GTB Roma and local startup Aedo, which specializes in devised for the visually impaired, the device is currently a prototype. It is wild technology by any standard. Feel the View takes pictures that are then turned into high-contrast grayscale images. The car's side window glass then reproduces the images so impaired riders can feel the scenery via touch.

Different shades of gray respond with 255 different intensities to help paint a picture for a visually impaired person's mind. In addition, a supplemental feature describes the image by voice to the individual for greater clarity.

Ford and its partners did not provide details on when such a device could come to market or pricing, but it's not the first time the automaker has looked into some rather futuristic technology. Ford has previously filed patents for self-leveling cupholders, a set of removable pedals and a removable steering wheel, heat-induced graphics, and a retractable, integrated bike rack.

Watch the video above to get a greater sense of how the automaker wants to help the blind enjoy the ride just as much as others. It'll give you a case of the feels.