• AeroMobil flying car, 2017 Top Marques Monaco

    There are a surprising number of companies hoping to deliver the first flying car, and one of the most promising is Slovakia's AeroMobil which used this month’s 2017 Top Marques Monaco to debut a production-ready flying car. AeroMobil was only established in 2010 but its founder and lead designer Štefan Klein has been working on the concept of a flying car since the early 1990s. He even developed some of his own prototypes which is why AeroMobil’s first prototype was dubbed version 2.5. The flying car shown in Monaco is version 4.0 and is said to be the production-ready...

  • Aeromobil flying car wreckage - Image via SME
    Aeromobil Flying Car Crashes During Test Flight

    Despite the list of difficulties of getting a flying car into production being a vast one, there’s no shortage of enterprising businessmen and women trying to be the first to offer one to the public. However, reminding us all rather graphically why the business of selling flying cars...

  • Aeromobil 3.0 flying car prototype
    Aeromobil Flying Car Takes To The Skies: Video

    Slovakian startup Aeromobil used this week’s Pioneers Festival in Vienna, Austria to unveil the latest version of its flying car and demonstrate the vehicle in full flight. In previous showings, the vehicle only reached a few feet in the air. That certainly isn’t the case this time...

  • Aeromobil 2.5 flying car
    Another Flying Car: Slovakian Aeromobil 2.5 Makes First Test Flight

    The Aeromobil 2.5 is latest car to take to the skies.

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