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    For years, rumors have been flying in all directions on a Mazda RX-9, incorporating everything from electric turbos to hybrids systems. Most recently, we reported on the latter, with a Mazda source reportedly stating that the RX-9 would use a Toyota hybrid drive system to supplement the range and power of the Wankel engine driving the rear axle. That rumor was disrupted a week later by a Car and Driver report that pulled the hybrid RX-9 right off the table, claiming that plans for a hybrid sports car don't exist and even the rotary engine is in danger of being scrapped due to the poor sales...

  • Rotary engine
    Mazda Rotary Engine Will Return, May Take Several Years

    With the RX-8 sports car expected to be discontinued after the current model year, Mazda, the last bastion of the Wankel rotary engine, will be without a car in its lineup featuring the free-spinning engine. Why the predicament? Because Mazda just can’t seem to engineer the rotary to meet its...

  • 2007 Mazda Taiki Concept
    Mazda’s Next-Gen Rotary Not Up To Scratch

    There’s no word on when we’ll see the 16X in production trim but the most likely scenario will see its introduction in the next-generation RX-8 sports car around 2011.

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