BMW M is developing a quad-motor electric powertrain that will be the exclusive domain of the BMW go-fast division.

A big power number won't be the only star of the show. The development also extends to a chassis control system that will take advantage of the powertrain's ability to precisely direct power where it's needed to deliver new levels of handling.

According to BMW M boss Franciscus van Meel in an interview with BMW Blog published on Monday, the powertrain won't deliver specialized features that make for great social media content, such as the electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class's tank turn (G-Turn) or the GMC Hummer EV's diagonal driving (Crab Walk).

“I’m not going to implement some kind of function like that in our cars at all,” he said. “That is a rabbit hole, just for show.”

Frank van Meel

Frank van Meel

During the interview, van Meel said EVs also don't need special soundtracks to help build emotion and provide a sense of how fast you're going, like the various sounds Hyundai's Ioniq 5 N can generate, including one that mimics a high-performance gas engine. According to van Meel, proper feedback from the car should be prioritized over creating soundtracks for EVs.

Van Meel has also previously indicated that an electric M car won't shove an occupant's head back like many of the big-power EVs on sale today. Instead, the powertrain he and his team are developing will feature linear power delivery, something he has said is a core characteristic of M cars.

Van Meel hasn't indicated when the first electric M car will arrive, though in his interview with BMW Blog he said BMW M has been involved in the development of the Neue Klasse EV platform from the start, meaning an electric M car might only be a couple of years away.

BMW's first Neue Klasse EV will be a compact crossover similar in size to the X3. It arrives next year and will be followed in 2026 by a sedan similar in size to the 3-Series. It's possible both models will have an M version.