Dubai-based W Motors made a name for itself last decade with the launch of a supercar costing more than a Bugatti and featuring such elements as diamond-studded headlights.

In more recent years the company has expanded into offering light commercial vehicles, including some powered by electric motors.

It now plans a return to its supercar roots. Plans for the a new supercar were announced on Monday by W Motors and Everrati as part of an announcement for a wider partnership between the two companies. Everrati is a British company that specializes in converting classic cars into EVs. The partnership will include the supply of Everrati's flexible and scalable electric powertrain technology for additional W Motors models, including potentially the company's Ghiath SUV supplied to Dubai's police force and various security companies.

W Motors will in turn become Everrati's manufacturing partner in West Asia, and will handle production of Everrati products for the region at a plant under construction in Dubai. An Everrati R&D center will also be established at the W Motors plant.

W Motors Ghiath

W Motors Ghiath

The new car will have an electric powertrain with technology supplied by Everrati, which has previously shown an 800-hp electric powertrain. W Motors' previous Lykan Hypersport and Lykan Supersport supercars delivered similar performance using twin-turbocharged flat-6 engines developed by Germany's Ruf.

Timing for the launch of the electric supercar hasn't been mentioned.

W Motors is also working with additional partners to establish an EV plant in Jordan, one of which is Jordan's Manaseer Group. Vehicles to be built at the plant are expected to include both light commercial and passenger vehicles.