The Europa-Park theme park near the German town of Rust is building a rollercoaster inspired partially by Rimac and the company's high-performance electric vehicle technology.

The new rollercoaster will be called the Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac, and is set to open in 2024.

Europa-Park is one of Europe's biggest theme parks and is unique in that it is divided up into individual sections highlighting different European countries via the architecture used and sometimes the food and beverages served.

The Voltron Nevera rollercoaster will be located in a new section highlighting Croatia, the country where Rimac was founded and is located. It's also the home country of Rimac CEO and founder Mate Rimac, as well as Miriam Mack, the wife of Europa-Park CEO and co-owner Michal Mack.

L to R: Miriam Mack, Mate Rimac, and Michal Mack

L to R: Miriam Mack, Mate Rimac, and Michal Mack

The Nevera in the name, which matches the name of Rimac's latest electric hypercar, comes from a Mediterranean storm that can appear suddenly off the coast of Croatia.

The new Europa-Park area will also pay homage to Nikola Tesla, the Croatian-born inventor who impacted the world like few others did and was an inspiration for Mate Rimac in the early days of forming his eponymous company.

“Ever since the very beginnings of the Rimac Group, our Croatian identity has been at the core of the business,” Rimac said in a statement. “It’s an honor for our business to be represented in such a significant way at Europa-Park, and we’re excited to bring our innovations to visitors from all over the world.”

It's not the first time a rollercoaster has been linked to a company from the automotive world. Europa-Park's Silver Star rollercoaster features sponsorship by Mercedes-Benz, and Ferrari has whole theme parks inspired by its brand.