Ford is launching an app that helps Bronco drivers better plan their off-road trips.

Announced this week at the 2023 Bronco Safari event in Utah, the Ford Bronco Trail App allows owners to find places to take their vehicles and actually exercise the Bronco's off-road capability.

Available exclusively to Bronco owners, and designed to be used with the FordPass app ecosystem, the Trail App includes approximately 1,200 "professionally curated" maps for off-road trails in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, Ford said. The automaker added that more trails will be added in future updates.

Trail maps, which added up to roughly 18,000 miles of trails, per Ford, can be filtered by length, difficulty, and location. The app also has descriptions of each trail, points of interest, and a save function for trails drivers would like to revisit.

Ford Bronco Trail App

Ford Bronco Trail App

Map views include satellite and 2D topographic, and maps can be downloaded for offline use—an especially important feature considering any off-road adventures will likely take drivers far away from cell reception. Users can also share trails they've found on the app with other Bronco owners.

Because some trails recommend lower or higher tire pressure, the app also includes a tire-pressure gauge, which works without a cell network or cloud connection. A video-capture function includes overlays for speed, RPM, distance traveled, elevation, and other readouts. Videos automatically save to a user's phone for later sharing. Ford recommends securing a smartphone before trying to capture video, however. Whether on-road or off-road, holding a phone while driving is not a good idea.

The Bronco Trail App is free to use, and is currently available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.