As new cars and trucks continue to become more complex and tech laden, the simple, almost minimalist nature of classic vehicles is a quality many buyers are seeking—and willing to spend big bucks on.

Velocity Restorations of Pensacola, Florida, is a company that has capitalized on the growing demand for classic vehicles that still offer the convenience, performance, and reliability of modern equivalents.

The company has spent the last decade building restomod versions of the original Ford Bronco, and it recently started offering a restomod version of the fifth-generation Ford F-Series F-250 pickup. Jay Leno has featured the truck in the latest episode of his Jay Leno's Garage series.

Under the hood sits Ford's modern 5.0-liter V-8 which Velocity Restorations drops in with minimal modification. The original chassis is also retained, though suspension and brakes are upgraded with modern items. The latter includes six-piston calipers up front and 14-inch rotors.

What's perhaps most impressive about Velocity Restorations' vehicles is the modern-meets-yesteryear kind of approach. Although thoroughly updated, the vehicles look like they could have left the factory in the same state. This is helped by the application of modern materials in a way that enables the vehicle to retain the classic feel. This approach results in a great looking ride that doesn't at all feel overly retro.

Another appeal of Velocity Restorations is the company's promise to complete a build in just 14 weeks. Current pricing for the F-250 restomod is $285,000 (the version shown has been optioned out to $325,000). Anyone looking for one of the Bronco restomods will need at least $268,000. Those prices include the cost of the donor vehicle.