Radical Motorsport is a top-tier producer of track-day specials. The British company was founded in 1997 and today sells a number of models for track enthusiasts and racers all over the world, and for its 25th anniversary, it's planning its most extreme model yet.

Radical on Monday provided the first details on a new flagship track car currently doing the rounds under the Project 25 code name, and limited to just 25 units. It will be a lightweight track car similar to Radical's existing portfolio, but with output dialed up to a supercar-like 850 hp.

Radical also confirmed the Project 25 will feature two seats and a roof, with inspiration coming from the company's existing RXC track car. The chassis will be a space-frame design with mid-mounting for the engine, and a teaser reveals a large dual-plane wing.

Teaser for Radical Project 25

Teaser for Radical Project 25

The power will be courtesy of a twin-turbo V-6 referred to as the Radical Performance Engine, and likely derived from a V-6 from one of the major automakers. Recent Radicals have used modified Ford engines.

Radical is accepting orders for the Project 25, including from customers in the U.S. The first examples will be delivered by the end of 2023, and pricing will be announced closer to that date.

“Twenty five years—it’s a huge accolade for Radical Motorsport as a race car manufacturer and single-make racing series organiser,” Joe Anwyll, Radical's CEO, said in a statement. “Project 25 has been designed and will be built to commemorate this milestone and showcase the knowledge and skills our U.K.-based engineering and manufacturing firm has to offer.”