Flyin' Miata has been offering turnkey Mazda MX-5 Miatas with V-8 swaps for a number of years, but now the Colorado-based performance shop has given it up.

The company cited stricter emissions regulations and the crackdown on businesses that tamper with vehicle emission systems for the end of the service.

Flyin' Miata's V-8 swaps could be performed on Miatas from the 2008-2018 model years, and started at about $50,000, not including the cost of the donor vehicle. According to the company, the swaps were ordered by people looking to participate in autocrosses, hill climbs, and track days, as well as some that just wanted their Miata to become faster. Much faster.

The swap was designed for GM's LS3 and LS4 V-8s, some of which deliver more than 500 hp in stock configuration.

While Flyin' Miata no longer offers the service, the company is happy to offer advice for anyone looking to handle the conversion themselves, as well as offer parts that complement the V-8 swap, like upgraded brakes, suspension, and wheels.

The company is also willing to direct interested buyers to rival companies that still offer the service. One of those is V8R Performance in Daytona Beach, Florida.