For anyone restoring an old Porsche, wanting it to be as original as possible, Porsche has a solution.

A new online service makes it easy to determine when the car was built, how it was originally specified, and where it was first delivered. All that is necessary is the VIN and $125.

At Porsche's recently launched Porsche Vehicle Documentation website, owners can now order the Porsche Production Specification, a document detailing the history of the specified vehicle, even when decades old. Porsche has a vast collection of historic documents, though previously these were not available via an online portal like the Porsche Vehicle Documentation site.

Porsche Classic Technical Certificate

Porsche Classic Technical Certificate

For $500, owners can order the Porsche Classic Technical Certificate. This option includes an inspection of the vehicle by a technical expert at a Porsche dealership. In this way, owners will be able to determine whether original parts have been replaced. This is particularly important for those keen to have matching numbers for engines and transmissions.

The inspection covers the exterior, interior, drive system, underbody, and suspension, and includes photos that are compiled with the relevant information in a detailed summary. Such a document could be essential to secure a car's maximum value at resale time.

Owners of new Porsches also don't have to miss out on the fun. Anyone with a 2019 or newer Porsche can receive the original window sticker via MyPorsche for free.