You might not be familiar with the name Jowyn Wong, but you'll definitely be familiar with some of his work, especially if you're a regular reader of this website.

Wong is the talented automotive designer behind some of the most impressive car designs of recent times, including the Intensa Emozione, Evo and Arrow hypercars from Apollo, and the gorgeous P72 supercar from the revived De Tomaso.

Part of his early career was spent at McLaren, where he worked under the guidance of McLaren P1 designer Frank Stephenson. Wong would later go on to join the team at Apollo and eventually De Tomaso before starting his own independent design firm Wyn Design a couple of years ago together with fellow designer Jakub Jodlowksi.

Wyn Design sketch

Wyn Design sketch

Since forming Wyn Design, Wong has collaborated with a handful of companies, the most recent being a startup by the name of Naran. Wyn Design's services extend well beyond the actual design of the car, as the company can also help with crafting a brand from scratch and providing consultation on more technical elements like safety and regulatory requirements. Wyn Design is also capable of prototype development.

One of Wyn Design's key strengths is the use of the latest software design tools. As a showcase of the firm's talents, Wong created yet another impressive supercar design in just a matter of days (both interior and exterior). He used software tools like Gravity Sketch and Shapr3D, and inspiration from cars like the Porsche 917, Lola T70, and Ferrari 512 S. Wong also took inspiration from the Lotus Exige, a car he previously owned.

Given the popularity of Wyn Design's existing portfolio, we're sure we'll be seeing much more from the firm in the years ahead.