Cadillac is committed to selling only electric vehicles by the end of the decade, and as a result will only launch vehicles powered by batteries from here on out.

Beyond the 2023 Lyriq landing at dealerships early next year, we know of four additional Cadillac EVs, one of which is a flagship sedan dubbed the Celestiq.

The other three will include an XT4-like compact crossover, a three-row crossover, and an Escalade-like full-size SUV.

New trademark filings dug up recently by CarBuzz may hint at the names of these future EVs. The names “Escalade IQL,” “Vistiq,” and “Lumistiq” were found in multiple trademark registries, including the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. They were filed by General Motors for use on vehicles.

Vistiq and Lumistiq fit Cadillac's naming strategy for EVs, where the names all end with an iq. It's possible Escalade IQL is Cadillac's way of applying this naming strategy to the current Escalade name without messing up the iconic nameplate. It isn't clear what the L stands for, though perhaps it signifies a stretched model. The gas-powered Escalade already uses ESV for its stretched variant, though perhaps Cadillac wants something different for new markets where ESV doesn't resonate with buyers.

Cadillac hasn't provided a timeline for its EVs beyond the Lyriq, though the Celestiq is thought to be coming around 2024.

Not every Cadillac dealer is on board with the brand's electric transformation. Rory Harvey, vice president of Cadillac, recently said around 315 U.S. dealerships took a cash offer to close up shop rather than spend on upgrading for the EV future. That represents about a third of Cadillac's dealerships, though the brand will still have more stores than some rival brands even after the cull.