Foxconn, a Taiwanese contract manufacturer famous for building the iPhone for Apple, is planning to expand into the world of car manufacturing.

The company has already developed its own modular electric-vehicle platform, and is now in the process of inking deals to manufacture EVs for Fisker and Lordstown Motors at a plant in Ohio.

However, Foxconn also plans to build vehicles for its own EV brand Foxtron which was launched earlier this week in Taiwan with a trio of vehicles, a crossover, sedan and bus.

Foxtron Model E

Foxtron Model E

One of those vehicles, the Foxtron Model E sedan (yes, it's doubtful Ford will approve of the name), was actually designed for Foxconn by Pininfarina which has released a video providing more detail on the design. The video also gives us a clear picture of the interior which combines classic luxury touches like wood and leather trim with new technologies like digital screens and even a facial recognition system for opening the doors.

While the Model E is being positioned as a luxury sedan, there's still plenty of performance. The electric drive system is rated at 750 hp, or enough for 0-60 mph acceleration in 2.8 seconds, and the range is 400 miles, though Foxconn didn't say what test cycle it uses.

The first of Foxconn's vehicles to enter production will be a Foxtron Model T bus. It's scheduled to enter production in 2022 and will initially be used by cities in Taiwan. Next will be a Foxtron Model C crossover due around 2023, and also to be sold in Taiwan, albeit by local automaker Yulon Motor Group which will sell it under one of its own brands. Foxconn hasn't said when the Model E will enter production, though the company has hinted that this may be the first of its vehicles to be sold outside of Taiwan. The expected price for the Model E is less than $40,000.