Alfa Romeo's going to be busy between now and 2027.

On Wednesday, Reuters reported that Alfa Romeo brand head Jean-Philippe Imparato told dealers that the automaker "will launch a new model every year until 2026," at a dealer event.

A Stellantis spokesperson confirmed with Reuters that Imparato's statement made to dealers was accurate.

That means the small Tonale SUV's debut in 2022 is just the warmup act for the storied automaker's future.

Depending on the schedule, this puts at least four new vehicles in Alfa Romeo's lineup, which today in the U.S. consists of just the Giulia and Stelvio, by 2026.

Afla's lineup was a trio of cars until last year when the 4C sports car bowed out.

The storied automaker celebrated its 111th birthday this year, and it isn't going anywhere if Stellantis' current plan works out. The premium automaker became one of the linchpins in Stellantis' product road map after the parent company decided to cancel plans to bring the Peugeot brand back to the U.S., a decision that was made after PSA Group and FCA merged for become Stellantis.

Alfa Romeo announced in August that it will go fully electric by 2027. That timeline lines up with Imparato's comments about the flood of new vehicles set to arrive in the next five years. While most, if not all, will likely be offered with some form of an internal combustion engine, each will likely be electrified with hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or all-electric variants during their lifecycles as Alfa moves toward its electric future.

Alfa's first plug-in hybrid will be the upcoming Tonale, while a subcompact all-electric SUV will reportedly follow the Tonale in 2022.

Seemingly the future of Alfa Romeo is less bleak than the crystal ball predicted a few years ago. Stay tuned as the automaker's future comes more into focus.