Before it merged with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to form Stellantis at the start of the year, French automaker PSA Group planned to return its Peugeot brand to the United States around 2025.

Since the merger, Stellantis has downplayed the chances of Peugeot making a return to these shores, with CEO Carlos Tavares at a press conference in February suggesting the company will focus on its existing brands here, including Chrysler which Taveres sees a core pillar of Stellantis alongside Fiat and Peugeot.

Now a company spokesman has confirmed that Stellantis will focus on its existing brands in the U.S. rather than introduce new ones in a statement given on Saturday to Automotive News (subscription required).

The spokesman also said that Larry Dominique, a former TrueCar and Nissan executive who was picked by PSA Group in 2017 to run its U.S. operations and prepare for Peugeot's return after a three-decade hiatus, is now heading up Stellantis brand Alfa Romeo in North America.

While Peugeot won't come here, its vehicles are likely to influence future models from other Stellantis brands here. For example, Alfa Romeo will start production of its Tonale later this year, a compact crossover whose platform is expected to be the same CMP design found in the Peugeot 2008 (shown above) subcompact crossover. An electric subcompact crossover from Alfa Romeo is also thought to be in the works, though Stellantis has been quiet on plans for such a model.