A rumored Ford Bronco pickup truck has been canceled, Automotive News reported Wednesday.

While never officially confirmed by Ford, a Bronco pickup sketch was briefly shown in a Ford design video released late last year, and Automobile reported last summer that the project was locked in for a 2024 launch.

A Bronco pickup would make sense as a rival to the Jeep Gladiator, and would fit with Ford's aspiration to turn the Bronco nameplate into a sub-brand with multiple models. That's why expectation of a Bronco pickup was so high in the first place.

Screenshot showing Ford Bronco pickup design sketch

Screenshot showing Ford Bronco pickup design sketch

However, while the Gladiator is the only mid-size pickup truck in Stellantis' lineup, Ford already has the Ranger to fill that niche. It was assumed that more lifestyle-focused marketing would help distance it from the Ranger, which in next-generation form will use the same updated T6 platform as the Bronco.

Ford also has the Maverick on the way, and claims to have 100,000 reservations for the compact pickup. While the Maverick slots below the Ranger (and a potential Bronco pickup) in size, the Maverick uses a car-like unibody platform and it's possible that Ford didn't feel the need to have three smaller trucks in its North American lineup.

At least one more Bronco model is on the way, though. We expect the automaker to launch a high-speed, desert-running version of the Bronco sometime in the next few years. It's likely to be called Warthog or Raptor, and we expect it to feature an upgraded suspension and a more-powerful engine. The 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 from the Ford Explorer ST, which is rated for 400 hp in that SUV, seems possible.