The 2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R get a new electrical architecture as part of their designs. VW recently released a deep dive into how that new architecture enables more digital features in the cabins of these hot hatchbacks.

Moving to the eighth-generation Golf platform means both the GTI and Golf R finally get the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit display, which has been available in other VW models for some time. The two hot hatches get the Digital Cockpit Pro version, with a 10.25-inch reconfigurable display screen replacing the traditional instrument cluster.

The graphics layout is specific to the GTI and Golf R, VW noted. By pressing the View button on the steering wheel, drivers can choose between multiple configurations. The default layout includes a rev counter flanked by two customizable readouts, which can show boost pressure or power output.

2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI

2022 Volkswagen Golf GTI

The Golf R also gets a model-specific R-View, with a horizontal rev counter that goes up to 8 (corresponding to 8,000 rpm), shift lights for DSG-equipped models, and lots of secondary readouts. These include boost pressure, gearbox temperature, torque, power, a g-meter, lap timer, and the all-wheel drive system's torque distribution.

In addition to the Digital Cockpit, the 2022 GTI and Golf R get a 10.0-inch touchscreen and an optional head-up display. VW also switched to capacitive touch pads for steering-wheel controls, as well as temperature and audio volume, similar to the recently-launched ID.4 electric car. You also get 30 color options for the ambient lighting.

Both the GTI and Golf R are expected to go on sale in the United States later this year. VW is dropping the standard Golf from its U.S. lineup, leaving only the two performance models.