The Ford Bronco hasn't even arrived in consumers' garages yet, and already it appears the Blue Oval is working on an electric model.

On Wednesday, Ford held its Capital Markets Day presentation to give investors and analysts a look at the automaker's future. The presentation focused on electrification, including pickup trucks, crossovers, and SUVs to be based on two new dedicated electric vehicle platforms. One of those platforms might underpin a future electric Bronco.

A tweet by Ford spokesperson Mike Levine said a flexible platform will be used for a rugged SUV. The Bronco is a rugged SUV.

While discussing its new platforms in the presentation, Ford showed multiple slides depicting outlines of potential future vehicles, including a pickup truck that looked like an F-150, a cargo van that looked like either a small Transit Connect or a full-size Transit, and a boxy SUV that looked like a Bronco.

While the brick-like shape was a pretty clear nod to the Bronco, the tailgate-mounted spare tire was the dead giveaway. The smaller Bronco Sport doesn't have a spare tire mounted on the exterior; only the more-capable Bronco does.

An electric Bronco was foreshadowed by Ford CEO Jim Farley on Twitter earlier in May. A Twitter user asked Farley why Ford there's no plan for an electric Bronco given the automaker's commitment to an electric future. Farley responded with, "Why do you think we don't?"

Ford has stated that its goal is for 40% of its global volume to be electric vehicles by 2030. It's unclear when an electric Bronco might come to market, but given Farley's tweet and the teaser at Capital Markets Day, one is likely in the works.