Toyota offers a range of vehicles aimed at off-roading in the form of its TRD Pro lineup, but for buyers on a budget the automaker is starting to offer individual upgrades that can be installed at a dealership.

The first of these is a new lift kit designed for Tacomas from the 2020 model year on and that are equipped with a V-6 and four-wheel drive (excluding dual-cab, long-bed examples). The kit features TRD-tuned Bilstein monotube shocks and adds about two inches of lift up front and one inch at the rear.

The result is more ground clearance (+1.7 inches) and improved approach (+3.1 to 32 degrees), departure (+0.5 to 24 degrees) and breakover angles (+1.6 to 23 degrees). The rear shocks are also bigger than the standard units found on the Tacoma. This means additional oil volume and as a result better heat dissipation and damping response.

Since the kit was developed by Toyota, it won't affect any of the Tacoma's electronic driver-assist features. This is thanks in part to the TRD Pro-style grille which includes a new sensor and camera support bracket. The kit also comes with the same warranty as all TRD parts.

The lift kit is already at Toyota dealerships and is priced at $1,350 without installation costs.