Niche British sports car manufacturer Morgan on Thursday announced revival plans for its V-8-powered Plus 8 sports car.

Morgan discontinued the model in 2018 and has stuck to cars with 4- and 6-cylinder engines since then. However, the company recently came into ownership of nine Plus 8 chassis and now plans to use them for a special run of Plus 8 GTR models. The leftover chassis were repurchased from another company that had canceled its own plans to use them.

According to Morgan's head of design, Jonathan Wells, the Plus 8 GTR project allows the company's designers to experiment with ideas envisaged for the Plus 8 but never put into production. It also allows them to add new features that weren't available when the Plus 8 was still in production.

“This project has allowed Morgan’s design and engineering teams to revisit some of their favourite elements of past Morgan models, as well as experiment with some features that we hope will appear on future Morgan cars,” Wells said in a statement.

Teaser for Morgan Plus 8 GTR debuting in 2021

Teaser for Morgan Plus 8 GTR debuting in 2021

The Plus 8 GTR will follow a track theme, in part as recognition of the Plus 8 race car of the 1990s. Teaser sketches hint at some of the new elements like motorsport-derived aerodynamics, widened wheel arches, and a high shoulder line.

Powering the Plus 8 GTR will be the old 4.8-liter V-8 sourced from BMW that was used in the last run of Plus 8s. The engine delivered 362 hp in the Plus 8 but Morgan may dial things up for the GTR special.

Buyers will be able to choose between a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic, the company has confirmed.

Production of the Plus 8 GTR starts this summer at the Morgan Design and Engineering Center in Malvern, United Kingdom. The car is the latest in Morgan's series of “special project” models such as the previous Aero GT and SP1.