McLaren isn't planning any Ultimate Series supercars until the arrival of a P1 successor in 2025, Automotive News reported Monday.

The Ultimate Series is the highest tier of McLaren's lineup, and the automaker has launched new models on a regular cadence since the unveiling of the plug-in hybrid P1 in 2013. But McLaren now plans to space out the launch of the next Ultimate Series model, according to the report.

It may be a good idea for McLaren to throttle back on Ultimate Series models, as it recently introduced three—the Speedtail, Senna (including a GTR variant), and Elva. The company seems to be having trouble moving the Elva, as the total number of build slots was cut back from 399 to 149 units at last count.

McLaren has also been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, seeking loans and additional shareholder cash to stay afloat. In September, Zak Brown, head of the McLaren Formula One team, indicated the company would sell its McLaren Technology Center headquarters in Woking, United Kingdom, and lease the site back, to free up cash.

McLaren Elva Gulf Theme

McLaren Elva Gulf Theme

That cash could help fund the launch of higher-volume models positioned below the Ultimate Series in the McLaren lineup. The Artura, the next iteration of McLaren's Super Series, is scheduled to go on sale in the first half of 2021 sporting a V-6 hybrid powertrain.

Meanwhile, the P1 successor is expected to be unveiled in 2024, meaning it will likely start deliveries in 2025. Referred to internally as "son of P1," the car is expected to use a hybrid powertrain, with an electric motor powering the front axle, and an internal-combustion engine powering the rear axle (possibly with assist from another electric motor), enabling all-wheel drive.

McLaren is also thought to be working on a bespoke supercar based on the Senna. Code-named BC03, that car might wear the Sabre name, which was recently trademarked by McLaren. However, the BC03/Sabre won't be an Ultimate Series model as it's expected to be a one-off build in the vein of the previous X-1 and MSO R supercars.