After last week's lukewarm reception to Ferrari's remake of the iconic driving video “C'était un rendez-vous,” the Italian automaker has released a new clip, this time filmed at its home in Maranello, Italy.

To mark the restart of its Formula One program after the Covid-19 coronavirus shutdowns, Ferrari on Thursday filmed current driver Charles Leclerc taking his new SF1000 race car from the factory to the nearby Fiorano test track.

It's the first time Leclerc has driven the SF1000 since the end of pre-season testing in February. He started the journey at the Officina Classiche building in the historic part of Ferrari's headquarters, driving through the famous gates where founder Enzo Ferrari drove the first Ferrari, the 125 S, for the first time back in 1947.

1947 Ferrari 125 S

1947 Ferrari 125 S

He then passed the Gestione Sportiva, where Ferrari's F1 team has been based since 2015, and then the official Ferrari museum and finally down Via Gilles Villeneuve on his way to the Fiorano track.

Ferrari is currently preparing for the 2020 season whose first race will be held in Spielberg, Austria, on July 5. The organizers are still hammering out a revised calendar and are hopeful of securing between 15 and 18 races. Unfortunately, some planned races have already been canceled.

The 2020 season will be the last for Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari, and it isn't clear where he'll end up. The four-time world champion will be replaced next season by Carlos Sainz who will drive alongside Leclerc.