Apple's CarPlay smartphone integration system has a handy feature called Dashboard that enables you to view multiple apps at the same time via a split-screen view. This is especially handy when you have the phone's navigation system running alongside the media player.

The downside with Dashboard is that it only functions with Apple's own apps, so using a third-party app like Google Maps means the map still takes up the whole screen.

This all changes with version 13.4 of the iPhone's iOS operating system.

As first noticed by The Verge on Thursday, Dashboard has been updated so that it supports third-party apps. The developers of those third-party apps will still need to add Dashboard support however, and right now popular map apps like Google Maps and Waze are yet to receive it.

Version 13.4 of iOS also introduces in-call information from third-party apps to Dashboard.

And more features for CarPlay are rumored to be coming with version 14.0 of iOS. The rumors point to extra info for businesses displayed in Apple Maps, as well as an ability to add custom wallpapers.