Audi and Porsche, both brands from the Volkswagen Group, have developed separate platforms for their first volume electric cars.

Audi's E-Tron and E-Tron Sportback for example ride on a battery-electric version of the flexible MLB Evo platform that underpins most of Audi's lineup.

Meanwhile, Porsche uses a dedicated EV platform known as J1 for the Taycan. The J1 will also underpin Audi's upcoming E-Tron GT super sedan and possibly other models at the Volkswagen Group.

Given how fast the technology is advancing, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Audi and Porsche are already working on next-generation EV platforms. One of these is known as PPE (Premium Platform Electric), and its development has been split between the two automakers.

Volkswagen Group modular EV platforms: MLB Evo, MEB, J1 and PPE

Volkswagen Group modular EV platforms: MLB Evo, MEB, J1 and PPE

The PPE will have an 800-volt architecture, just like the J1. The high voltage, in combination with efficient cooling systems, means cars based on the PPE will be able to charge at rates of up to 350 kilowatts, making 80-percent charges in about 20 minutes possible.

The PPE is designed for vehicles of the size of the Audi A4 and up, and it's suited to both low- and high-riding applications. And because of superior packaging of EVs, vehicles based on the PPE will have more interior space compared to internal-combustion vehicles of a similar size. Audi will also use the Volkswagen-developed MEB platform for compact cars. The MEB platform made its debut in the VW ID 3 hatchback and will soon underpin a Q4 E-Tron at Audi.

PPE-based vehicles will come with a single electric motor at the rear axle as standard. A second electric motor can be added to the front axle for all-wheel drive. Torque vectoring, air suspension and all-wheel steering will also be available.

The first vehicle based on the PPE is due in 2021, though neither Audi nor Porsche is yet to state what form it will take. It's possible the vehicle is the A5 Sportback-like model teased in 2019 by a mystery concept. Audi design chief Marc Lichte also said that year that a model like the E-Tron GT in the A4 segment was being developed, though at the time the model was reported to be only coming in 2023. Another possibility is the next-generation Porsche Macan, though it isn't expected until 2022.