Looking for a way to showcase that special vehicle? Well, there are those clear-plastic inflatable containers, but an Italian architecture firm and a company from the UAE have another and much more elegant –and, yes, more expensive–option, the Supercar Capsule.

Under the banner of Superfuturedesign, the company reportedly has done more than 400 installations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Supercar Capsule, they say, is “a unique concept that gives your expensive toys a center stage to captivate the audience.” And all the better, they note, as “your supercar contributes to a distinct aesthetic experience at home, even when it’s not on the roads.”

Each capsule is bespoke and designed to fit the needs of the particular customer. They can be stand alone, or stacked one atop the other, or incorporated into an existing building or home.

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“One of the models involves creating a new capsule to merge with the home’s interior,” the news release reports. “This will incorporate the garage with existing rooms, in which a simple wall will transform into a bespoke exhibition for your statement piece. It allows guests and visitors to appreciate and admire your supercar without having to take them to the garage – your car becomes a part of the interior décor.”

Or a garage can be remodeled into a supercar showroom.

for constructing a new parking area that’s independent of your home. It will be installed in the garden or any other free space as per your villa’s spatial elements, to showcase your supercar within its own dedicated showroom. This displays your prized possession and asset in a sculptural way by accentuating all its best features.”

Pricing varies on the specific project and its design and location. For more information, visit the Supercar Capsule website.

This article, written by Larry Edsall, was originally published on ClassicCars.com, an editorial partner of Motor Authority.