Chances to drive a top-level race car on the track are few and far between but Pininfarina and parent company Mahindra are providing just that—with an ex-Formula One driver providing instructions to boot.

As it gears up for the start of production of its Battista battery-electric hypercar in 2020, Pininfarina is running a program that will see participants drive a Mahindra Formula E race car on a track in Barcelona, Spain.

The participants will learn how to drive on a track from Nick Heidfeld, who has driven for multiple teams in F1 and is currently driving for Mahindra in Formula E. Heidfeld is also helping tune the Battista.

Pininfarina Battista

Pininfarina Battista

Initially, you'll learn in a high-performance sedan and then transfer into the Formula E car, in this case Mahindra's car from the 2014/2015 season.

Costing a very reasonable 3,000 euros (approximately $3,350), the program has limited places and runs from November 13-15. Also included in the cost are transfers between Barcelona's main airport and the track, full hospitality, and one night's stay in a hotel. Places for additional non-driving guests can be added for 500 euros.

It will be an excellent experience for future owners of the Battista, as it will help ensure they know how to get the most out of their cars. Remember, the Battista will pack 1,877 horsepower and 1,696 pound-feet of torque. Those numbers should see the car sprint to 60 mph in under 2.0 seconds, hit 186 mph in under 12 seconds, and top out at 217 mph—making it faster than a Formula E racer.