BMW's M division now has its own little permanent corner of BMW Welt, complete with a sign welcoming visitors to "M Town."

For now, the new space gives visitors the chance to explore the M division's current portfolio.

"The newly designed exhibition space invites every car enthusiast to become a citizen of M Town for a short time," said BMW M Director Markus Flasch in the company's announcement.

Enthusiasts may cry foul at the current state of the exhibition, which comprises the modern X3 M Competition, X4 M Competition, M4 Convertible and M5 Competition. It's unclear whether BMW will explore other options for the space in the future, but for the time being, M Town has more in common with a mainstream showroom than a museum space. 

That's not altogether inappropriate. The company seems to be doubling down on the fact that BMW Welt is more of an experience center than a car museum ("BMW Welt" translates directly to "BMW World.") in rationalizing its approach to M Town.

"BMW Welt is more than just a home for individual BMW Group vehicles. We want to keep thrilling our fans and visitors with innovative and architectural highlights. The new BMW exhibition space now turns M Town into reality," said BMW Welt Director Helmut Käs.

If you ask us, you should go for the architecture and stay for the cars, rather than the other way around.