Classic cars with modern powertrains is not a new idea. However, classic cars without an internal-combustion engine at all is radically different.

Meet Zero Labs Automotive, a company hellbent on preserving classic vehicles of all kinds. Its first creation is seen here: a modern interpretation of the original Ford Bronco, complete with an electric powertrain.

The company took the wraps off the car on April 16, and it looks like a seriously impressive machine with a somewhat revised exterior, new cockpit, and modern suspension.

ZLA didn't dive into the suspension details too much, but the accompanying video shows it should have no issues tackling off-road trails. All the company shared is the suspension is made from carbon fiber with all modern amenities present and accounted for. The powertrain has more details attached, though.

A 70-kilowatt-hour battery will provide an estimated 190 miles of range and power an electric drive system rated at 369 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque. The torque figure seems rather low for a battery-electric powertrain, but ZLA said these are not final specifications. Right now, the electric Ford Bronco will also not accept DC fast charging. Instead, it will charge on a Level 2 station, which is far slower.

The exterior design keeps the overall shape of the classic Bronco, but ZLA injects it with cues that wouldn't look inappropriate on a concept car. The grille is a solid piece with a backlit Ford logo, while the headlights retain their vintage look. The rear appears largely the same, and the SUV keeps its original "Bronco" scripted badges on the side.

Zero Labs Automotive electric Ford Bronco

Zero Labs Automotive electric Ford Bronco

Inside, the vehicle adopts leather-stitched dashboard panels, aluminum trim, blonde wood, modern switchgear, and yes, there's a manual transmission in place. We're eager to hear how ZLA has incorporated the 4x4 system and a manual transmission with the electric drive system.

We can't wait to hear more about this project, which has been in the works for years. The official website doesn't list the cost for one of its electric Broncos, but the company announced 150 "First Edition" models will be manufactured initially. Customers can place a reservation for one of them now with no deposit required.

If you'd prefer a more modern Bronco, Ford plans to launch one in 2020. The vehicle, which will share a platform with the latest Ranger, has been spotted in test-mule form.