The 2020 Subaru Legacy will make its debut at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, and it's climbing aboard the tablet-type touchscreen bandwagon. In fact, it will be the first time a mainstream automaker integrates a vertical touchscreen into a sedan.

The Japanese brand teased the 2020 Legacy's interior on Thursday and the teaser shot shows a tablet-like touchscreen center stage. Subaru didn't supply any additional details on the interior, nor did it provide dimensions for the touchscreen. It appears mighty large, though, and seems to take on many functions for the driver and passenger. The climate controls are situated in the screen, though we spy what appear to be physical buttons flanking the screen to control the dual-zone climate system. A physical volume knob is also present—thankfully.

Further, it looks like the 2020 Legacy will offer heated and cooled seats which would be a first for the sedan.

Aside from the climate features, we spy icons for a map (navigation), radio, media, car information, phone, apps, and settings. Expect a nearly identical layout to appear on the next Subaru Outback, too.

The teaser image appears to show the driver-monitoring system Subaru began to offer on the 2019 Forester as well. An infrared camera monitors the driver's eyes and alerts him or her if it detects they aren't focused primarily on the road. It's meant to curb distracted driving or driving when drowsy.

2020 Subaru Legacy exterior teaser

2020 Subaru Legacy exterior teaser

Subaru released a second teaser image on its social media channels that previews the 2020 Legacy's exterior on Thursday as well. The dark photo appears to show evolutionary styling in store for the sedan, though the taillights appear sleeker than the current model. The front clip is largely hidden, but the headlights aren't too far off from the current car either.

We'll learn all about Subaru's new sedan when it makes its debut Feb. 7 at the Chicago Auto Show.