The buying process won't be over for Mercedes-Benz owners after they take their new car home. The luxury brand has introduced a new feature via its Mercedes Me application that allows owners to purchase optional features after the car has left the dealer.

The brand announced last Tuesday that buyers of the A-Class, B-Class, and GLE in Europe can purchase optional equipment right from the MBUX infotainment unit in the Mercedes Me Store. Motor Authority spoke with a Mercedes-Benz spokeswoman who said there are no announcements about the feature and U.S. availability at this time.

For now, it's limited to digital radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability, and factory navigation. Mercedes-Benz said the feature can be useful for buyers who were unsure about a feature when ordering a vehicle, and will work well for dealers who equipped various packages for retail-bound cars but left out a feature or two a buyer wants.

In any case, the car must be synced with a data connection and Mercedes Me to order the options, either from the infotainment unit or online. After the purchase, the optional equipment will show up in the car and can be activated through the head unit. The feature could also be useful to the next owner, who may want access to a specific feature the previous owner never chose.

Mercedes-Benz didn't say how the feature could expand in the future, but we imagine it could be offered for many additional items, especially as cars are stuffed with more connectivity and technology. Perhaps one day the options could include performance tunes enabled via over-the-air updates, or safety systems that activate various sensors a vehicle may already have. We're spitballing, but Mercedes-Benz clearly sees the potential for purchases after the initial point-of-sale.

The feature is live via MBUX infotainment systems in both the B-Class and GLE in Europe. The A-Class' function will go online in the first quarter of 2019. However, buyers of all three cars can purchase optional features via Mercedes Me accounts from market launch.