For those who've only ever driven an automatic, a manual transmission can be intimidating.

Team O'Neil Rally School can help. The school has a video that will teach the basics to those who've never driven with a third pedal. We're talking the completely uninitiated.

It starts with knowing the extra pedal on the left works the clutch. Before moving the car, leave the car off and get a feel for the clutch pedal and understand its weight and where the best seating position is to use the pedal. It's the most important part of a manual transmission.

Then, understand the gear selector. Most cars follow an identical pattern depending on how many gears they have, while the reverse gear is different across makes and models.

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Make sure the parking brake is on and the car is in neutral—not in any numbered gear. (It's where the gear selector can wobble freely in the middle.)

After that, push the clutch in and start the car.

The instructor shows how some cars can move forward by simply letting off the clutch slowly, but that's not really ideal practice in heavy traffic. Instead, it's helpful to know where the clutch "catch" point is for later on. Stalling the car is almost inevitable, but it's also part of the learning process.

Practice in a parking lot first. Push the clutch in and put the car in first gear. Then slowly let the clutch out and give the car just a slight amount of throttle to get the car moving. Too fast for you? Push in the clutch and brake and the car will stop without stalling. (Just take the car out of gear before letting out the clutch.)

Like anything, driving a manual takes practice, but it's a rewarding and engaging experience behind the wheel.