Mercedes-Benz used the Geneva Motor Show to launch a brand-new service brand, called 'Mercedes me'.

It's the first stage in a move to make all Mercedes' services available through a new digital platform, scheduled to go online this summer. Under Mercedes me, the company will group all existing and future service offers, helping to deliver a premium brand experience to customers whatever aspect of Mercedes' wide portfolio they're dealing with. Mercedes me is broken down into five key areas, "move me", "connect me", "assist me", "finance me" and "inspire me", taking into account all aspects of owning and buying a Mercedes--but also providing the same experience to anyone else interacting with the brand, whether they own a Mercedes or not.

Mercedes calls it "the best for me" principle, "making interaction with the world of Mercedes-Benz even more individual, transparent, attractive and convenient" according to marketing and sales board member Ola Källenius. Mercedes me offers a comprehensive range of intelligent, forward-looking services accessible to all.

Mercedes move me covers all of Mercedes' intelligent mobility solutions, from parking service Park2gether to car-sharing service car2go and a smartphone-based taxi service MyTaxi. Mercedes connect me is a remote connectivity service allowing owners to access various vehicle-related features remotely--and will even help you find where you parked your car or switch on your heater.

Mercedes assist me covers personal car servicing options, including a cost calculator and automated appointment booking. Mercedes finance me is, as you'd expect, a way of grouping the brand's car financing options, while Mercedes inspire me is part information portal, part feedback portal--gathering information from experts in different industries to further improve the company's products. The service goes live this summer on a dedicated website,


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