The 1980s weren't exactly a high point for sports cars, but the decade still birthed some desirable pieces of machinery. Case in point: the Ferrari 308 GTB, which remains one of the most affordable ways to own a Ferrari today.

A 1984 model was the latest vehicle to stop into Jay Leno's Garage, and the owner and the car have a pretty neat history. According to the owner, he begged a local sports car dealership for a job in the 1980s to work on and surround himself with the cars he loved. With some persistence, the dealer finally decided to hire him. One day, a white Ferrari 308 GTB showed up on the showroom floor. After unsuccessfully haggling to buy the car himself, the dealer sold it and the car was gone.

Years later, he opened his own Ferrari restoration business and began to turn a profit. With the spare fun money, he decided he was ready to buy his own Ferrari. The owner spoke with a parts distributor who said he had a 308 GTB about to be chopped up for spare parts and was willing to sell it for $25,000. Deal done.

After receiving the keys and looking through the paperwork, the owner realized he had purchased the exact same car that sat in the dealership showroom as a youngster. Naturally, it was a dream come true for him, and he's put thousands of miles on the 308 GTB since he bought it. Today, it has over 115,000 miles and still runs strong. However, it helps the owner knows every in and out of the car and replaces things constantly to keep it in tip-top shape.

As for Leno, he said he's reminded why everyone loves Ferraris after sliding behind the wheel of this 308. It may only produce 240 horsepower, but it evokes plenty of emotions.