Audi in June unveiled the second generation of its A1 subcompact for overseas markets. Unfortunately, a sporty version to succeed its predecessor's S1 model is “not foreseen” on the current platform.

That's according to Audi spokesman Peter Oberndorfer, who in an interview with Car Advice published Tuesday said the high cost and difficulty of getting the previous S1 in production meant the chances of a successor were slim.

He also mentioned that the current focus on other areas of development, such as electrification and self-driving technology, meant it was now even more difficult to get a model like the S1 approved.

"[The S1] was quite an investment. It was a great car, I had one in my house, but nowadays we have to focus more and more [on other developments] and it’s getting more and more difficult,” he said.

Oberndorfer added that the new A1's range-topping powertrain already offers 200 horsepower, which is plenty for a subcompact. The engine features in the latest Volkswagen Polo GTI; the A1 and Polo are built on the same version of Volkswagen Group's MQB platform. The previous S1 had 231 hp.

Note, Audi isn't opposed to any additional A1 variants. Engineers are currently out testing a new model thought to be a Allroad soft-roader.