FCA will invade Las Vegas on Monday for the 2018 SEMA show with plenty to talk about. It seems one of those things will be a Mopar 426-cubic-inch V-8 crate engine.

Mopar released a second teaser video for a new crate engine on Friday, and it seems to confirm our earlier suspicions that the engine will be 426 cubic inches, or 7.0 liters. This video features an elephant. Chrysler enthusiasts will recall that the 426 V-8 was known as the "elephant engine" back in the 1960s.

As the elephant comes into view and sounds its trumpet in the video a roar that can only be that of a Hellcat V-8 can be heard. The previous teaser from Wednesday showed burning Hellcat footprints being stomped out by massive footprints, which we figured were from an elephant. Consider both teasers, and we find it likely that the 426 V-8 Mopar intends to show will be supercharged.

At the 2017 SEMA show Mopar unveiled a Hellcat crate motor. It marked the first time the public could buy a Hellcat engine outside of finding one from a wrecked Hellcat.

It's not yet clear yet what this blown 426 V-8 crate motor will be called or how much power it will produce.

Mopar will announce the crate motor on Tuesday at 4:26 pm PST. Until then, it's up to the Internet to speculate on power output and its possible name.