Mercedes-Benz has managed to swing its AMG family of cars into an entity that is capable of standing on its own. With the GT 4-Door Coupe and upcoming One hypercar joining the GT sports car, and possibly a new entry-level sports car on the way, too, AMG is slowly morphing into a standalone automaker capable of rivaling the likes of Ferrari and Porsche.

With Maybach, the plan is the same, in this case for the ultra-luxury segment, though management remains cautious given the previous failed attempt at reviving Maybach as a standalone brand.

Speaking to Autocar, Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes parent company Daimler, said he wants Maybach to "stand on its own two feet, like AMG." However, it means the ultra-luxury brand will first need to build up a strong base of vehicles based on existing Mercedes models before branching off on some Maybach-only machines, he added.

In fact, Maybach is already thinking that far in the future. Earlier in 2018, Maybach displayed a unique concept at the Beijing auto show. Called the Ultimate Luxury concept, it was a high-riding crossover-like sedan with an incredibly luxurious cabin space. A vehicle like this could be brought to reality after Maybach produces a few more S-Class variants and adds full-size SUV versions of the next-generation GLS.

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet

There was also the stunning 6 Cabriolet concept unveiled in 2017.

Another angle that Maybach could include is the use of advanced powertrain options. Much like Aston Martin plans to do with its future Lagonda lineup, Maybachs could be used as technological showcases. With a top-tier luxury vehicle like this, it's less about driver engagement like it is on the AMG side of things.

A future Maybach could coddle its passengers in luxury while silently whisking them through an urban environment. The owner would sit in the back talking to a friend or spouse, or conducting whatever high-level business has afforded them such a lifestyle while the driver up front monitors the semi-autonomous driving features and remaining battery charge.

Maybach could become both a luxury and technical powerhouse for a brand that already does both well. That's because Maybach has always been about more. If Maybach pushes luxury and technology to new heights, then it could really prove a challenge to the more established ultra-luxury marques.