The vast majority of the population won't have the means to actually purchase McLaren's 600LT, but the company has been so kind to launch an online configurator. The configurator allows anyone to design a version of the track-focused sports car to his or her dreams.

But even the public gets a watered down version. McLaren said soon-to-be owners have access to a real-time 3D configurator to complete their vehicles ahead of production. We're stuck with a 2D version. Still, there's plenty to toy around with, including paint color options, optional McLaren Special Operations carbon packages, wheel options, and more carbon fiber.

In fact, the majority of options available in the public configurator revolve around one question: "Care for more exposed carbon fiber, or less?" For example, the optional MSO Clubsport Pro Pack includes carbon fiber for the roof, front fenders, louvres, and super-lightweight racing seats.

Enthusiasts can sort through 28 different exterior colors with the 600LT configurator and three are new with the car's launch: Myan Orange, Chicane Effect (gray), and Luminaire (green). In addition, 14 of the colors come from MSO in a "Defined" palette developed especially for the 600LT.

For those who actually have a 600LT on order, the McLaren Automotive Real-time Configurator (MARC) provides a true 3D experience with 4K detail to put owners in their cars before the real thing sits in the driveway.

No matter how it's configured, the 600LT sports a 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 with 592 horsepower (600 hp with the metric system, hence the "600LT" name), which sends the car from 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds. With the accelerator mashed, 124 mph happens in 8.2 seconds before the 600LT reaches a top speed of 204 mph.

Orders are open for the 600LT now, but production will be limited. McLaren said it continues to schedule builds around the existing Sports Series and Super Series models. Production will run for one year and each example of the Long Tail cars will come with a $244,000 starting price before any extra bits.